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Bukh dv10 parts

Related searches: Suppliers called Bukh. In the last 30 days this brand page has been viewed times. Brand Model: bukh seesall u d s Marland Technical Services Ltd was established in as a wholesaler of engine spare parts.

Since then, its areas of expertise have broadened to include ship Our services include, but is not limited to: View Document Recently Supplied For over 55 years, we have earned our Full Sail Marine maintains offices around the world to offer quick response services to our clients in the Commercial, Government, Cruise and Offshore industries Supply of spare parts from Scandinavian makers. Brand: Bukh Document Match View Document Recently Supplied: starter motor, bukh diesel engine, drwg.

Lubrafil supplies a complete package of filtration products and services to onshore, marine and offshore industries; from replacement products and filter elements to AN Filter ApS provides all type of filters and filter parts from steering gear to windlass. Our product are of high European quality and we supply quickly and safely Brand: Bukh Recently Supplied: item maker: bukh description: fuel filter Recently Supplied We have been specialists in the filtration business for more than 60 years.

Recently Supplied: bukh dv rme fuel filter for bukh engine d m. Marine Suppliers of Bukh.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The range of Bukh Diesels have been designed primarily for marine applications, and are a popular fitment in sailing boats and small motor cruisers.

Many of the raw water cooling pumps are made by Johnson Pump, and we supply genuine Johnson replacement impellers for these. We also offer items such as filters and anodes.

Bukh Service Parts

Inclusion in this section under a brand name does not imply that the items listed are manufacturer's genuine supply. However, please note that we have chosen our suppliers extremely carefully to provide you with comparable quality. For example, many manufacturers source their impellers from Sherwood, Johnson and Jabsco. We also source our impellers from these suppliers, the difference being the box they are packed in. As always, we welcome your comments to improve the range of items we offer.

Excl Tax. Menu Search. Quick Buy. Part Identifier. Help Centre. My Cart 0. You have no items in your cart. Login Register. Show Less Show More. Delivery Information See examples and information on our shipping rates. Catalogue Request Get our catalogue delivered straight to your door. Email Newsletter Subscribe for the latest offers, product news, technical advice and much more. This product has been added to your basket.A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Machinery Machinery Engine Parts.

Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers.

Westerbeke Bukh Dv10 Diesel Engine on

Supplier Location. Order : OK. Ready to Ship. Contact Supplier. RM-OM best diesel engine barge engine 2hp outboard motor outboard engine outboard motor.

Bukh DV24 Solas approve Lifeboat marine diesel engine. Bukh DV29 Lifeboat marine diesel engine Solas approved. Luxury Sloep Fiberglass Boat wooden design. Pleasure Boat luxury fiberglass design sloep. Dutch Sloep Luxury pleasure boat. Sloep High Quality Teak wooden design luxury boat.

Sloep luxury pleasure boat.

bukh dv10 parts

Our Ship Free Fall lifeboats provide a secure and protected means of escape for persons on board vessels or platforms and are skid launched by a specific davit. Ship Free Fall Lifeboat can fall into the water through the slide and keep the passenger in the boat or on the platform safely. This model has release device inside,then passenger can be on board from the life gate and the driver inside can release it and let it slides into the sea safely.

CCS approved lifeboat davit maintenance for sale. ABS Approval hatecke service wholesale price. Gravity Luffing Arm Type Davit for sale china factory.Also See for DV10 Workshop manual - pages. Page of Go. Page Page Page - Premounting of shifting fork Page Page - Fitting of bolts in gearbox Page - Fitting of input and output shafts with Page Page Page - Fitting of shaft seal rings Page - Supplement to fitting of shaft seal ring Quick Links.

Download this manual See also: Workshop Manual. Table of Contents. For special purposes it can be delivered with a reduction ratio of 2. Oil Change The gear will need no other attendance than regular change of oil.

bukh dv10 parts

Page WR Use special tools as stated earlier in this section when removing and fitting the gear. The seal face between the two parts of the housing is tightened with liquid jointing. Remove the locking ring on the input shaft. Remove the shifting arrangement with gasket. There are two different shifting levers which, however, can be built in without any problems in either cases.

Page Unscrew the nut of the output shaft flange. Pull off the output shaft flange. Screw off the fixing screws which hold the halves of the gearbox together.

bukh dv10 parts

Page Removal Of Input And Output Shafts Drive back the fitting pins 2 — 3 mm in the gearbox and lift one gearbox half with reversing shaft, input and output shafts free of the other gearbox half. Protective sleeve 1 x 56 may be fitted on the input shaft before the dismantling.

Page Dismantling Of Shifting Fork Dismantling of Shifting Fork Screw out the pin M6x12 of the shifting fork and press out the reversing shaft of the shifting fork. At the fitting the threaded pin has been smeared with Loctite No. Page Remove the thrust collar wuth bolts and washers together wuth needle bearing bushing, sliding sleeve and pressure spring.

Dismantling of Lower Gearbox Half Pull out the tapered roller bearing outer collars of the lower gearbox with an inner puller No. Page Fit the tension rollers on the shafts for suspension by rollers. Fit the pressure springs in the check bolts. Fit the check bolts in the corresponding bores. It should be 0.The high quality and often improved versions of the original offer a reliable solution for replacing your boat pump.

All parts such as the impeller and internal parts are the same as the original version for maintenance or overhaul, so you can still go anywhere. For questions about this product, parts or their type or application, please contact us. There may be various types or numbers that also match this type of cooling pump and our data may not be complete. Choose pictures maxsize: kB, max files: 2. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

With us you will find a wide range of technical water sports parts for inboard engines, drives and parts. How can we help you? SKU: AB Reviews 0 Reviews There are no reviews yet. AB Marine service. Rated 5. Your technical water sports store With us you will find a wide range of technical water sports parts for inboard engines, drives and parts. With 2 year warranty on all our new items! Recente beoordelingen Prevent diesel bacteria Debug magnetic filter up to hp Rated 5 out of 5.

Customer reviews 0. Rated 5 out of 5. Rated 4 out of 5. Rated 3 out of 5. Rated 2 out of 5. Rated 1 out of 5. With images 0 Verified 0 All stars 0 All stars 0 5 stars 0 4 stars 0 3 stars 0 2 stars 0 1 star 0.Hi I know Bukh Australia are meant to sell parts I have emailed them no less than 6 times over the last year but never even received a reply.

They cant be the ones to supply parts can they? Let's start with the easy one. I'm guessing the Jabsco and Johnson part 's were the impeller?? If so call a marine shop, Taylor Marine stock a fair range of Johnson. As for the filter, try equivelants which are discussed here forums. Where to get parts for Bukh? Try the tip! Sorry, I could not resist. No offence meant Dusty. Forget about the Buhk and get a marinised Kubota from Diecon in Brisbane. Buhk ends with a K and Kubota starts with a K.

Is there a Kryptic message in that?? We had so much fun on that trip that we renamed the yacht "The Crippled Tick". Is it Bukh or Buhk?? Well theirs some not loving for Bukh I for one other than parts think its easy to workon starts first go after months off no use I do sail I have Nealy had it a year its 20years old But if you hate them please explain why rather than just bag them.

You cannot get parts and when you can find bits, it costs you more than the engines worth. Thanks for the cross-references, Sctpc. What model Bukh are these valid for - dv10, dv24, dv36, other? I'm with you on Bukh engines - very solid. When I had mine overhauled, the specialist engine reconditioning shop owner told me that he'd never seen as robustly built a diesel engine, and if he owned one he would never ever let go of it.

So now I'm sticking with mine whatever happens. Mine has a heavy 20kg flywheel and ticks over slowly; so once it spins it does not want to stop easily. Bukh is made in Denmark and it's main market seems to be commercial, enclosed lifeboats rather than recreational yachts. You would imagine fairly rigorous QC criteria for engines going into lifeboats costing a few hundred thousand dollars a piece.

European parts like Volvo Penta and Bukh will always cost more. But I use a compatible Ryco filter for oil and Fleetguard for fuel. Impellers fit the Johnson pumps used.It was available in 3 configurations.

BUKH DV10 and DV20 are single- and two-cylinder water-cooled 4-stroke diesel engines operating on the pre-combustion chamber principle with 2-stage combustion. The engines are specially designed to comply with the heavy demands made on stability, safety and environment now.

The cylinder head is made from highly alloyed special cast iron which is most resistant to thermic and mechanical loads. Each cylinder unit is fitted with an exhaust valve and a suction valve respectively. The very big suction valve secures together with the aerodynamically designed exhaust and suction manifolds a correct flushing of the cylinders.

Both valves operate in replaceable valve guides of special cast iron which ensures high wearing qualities. The valves are fitted in the cylinder head. The replaceable valve seats are shrink fitted into the cylinder head and they are made from heat resisting special steel with high mechanical wearing quality.

Reservedels Katalog

The valves are also made from special steel with high strength and toughness and great importance has been attached to resistance to heat. The crankcase is made from special cast iron and is provided with strong ribs which give great toughness and strength together with the special tunnel-shaped bore to the crankshaft.

The crankshaft is made from die-forged chrome steel. Each crankshaft is fitted with special counterweights on the crank throws. These weights are balanced in order to obtain smooth running of the engine.

Cooling water pump Bukh DV10, DV18, DV20, DV24ME, Impeller pump

The bearings are made from steel with a tin aluminium alloy which can stand up to high pressures. The crankshaft is steered in axial direction by turned surfaces on the crank throws and contact faces on the end cover DV10 and the intermediate bearing DV On the surface the engine is tightened by means of oil seal rings fitted in the end covers. The flywheel, made from cast iron, is bolted on the crank- shaft in the engine front end.

It is large-dimensioned to secure steady operation of the engine. The flywheel is fitted with a V-belt groove for driving the electrical equipment of the engine and cooling water circulating pump, if any.

Further, the flywheel may be fitted with extra three-groove V-belt pulley or flat belt pulley. The connecting rod is die forged with H-shaped section. The bearing cap forms part of the connecting rod itself. The base of the bearing is separately adapted for the individual connecting rod and is guided in proportion to this by two steel balls. The connecting rod bearings are made from steel shells with a tin aluminium alloy and are fastened in the bearing cap and the base of the bearing with two Allen steel bolts.

The bearing for the piston pin consists of a special bronze bushing. The pistons are made from a light alloy. The combustion chamber is shaped in the piston head.

Bukh DV10, Engine Start after Overhaul

The pistons are fitted with three compressing rings and an oil scraper ring. The piston pin, which is floating, is hollow and made from hardened steel. The piston pin is locked in axial direction by circlips. The cylinder liner is made from spun cast iron with a high carbon content which gives high wearing qualities. The cylinder liner is guided in proportion to the crankcase with a recess in the top and a conical bore in the bottom.

The tightening results from the specially made cylinder-head gasket and two O-rings in the conical bore.

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